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Healing from a Broken Heart

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Are you feeling alone, going through life suffering?
Were you ever taught to be tough, suck it up, never show what you feel, don't cry, keep on going no matter if your heart feels broken, pretend everything is ok?
If this is the case, please know you are not alone; I was there, feeling alone, even when I was surrounded by people, being family, or friends. Life deals many different situations, and we are so unique, raised in a very specific way, influenced by the rules that society dictates.
Our Parents raise us the way the deem the best, with the knowledge they had, or the way they were raised, the truth is children are not born into this world holding an instruction book on how to be raised. As parents we do what we have learned/see/and are told.
In many occasions the tools we learn through life, are not the best ones to thrive in life.
We are taught to go to school, and be good, also that we need to overcome whatever is thrown at us, and when we don't have the response we expect everything falls apart (or so it seems). There are great tools that you are able to learn, unlearn others that we keep using again and again, only to get frustrated because we expect things to change, and of course they don't.
Healing is possible, we must be willing to learn the tools, and take action.
Are you ready to start healing from the loss that keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest?
Are you ready to turn things around for good?
Have the courage to learn, to renew yourself, give yourself permission and an opportunity!
When you are ready; I will teach you the tools you'll be able to use through the rest of your life, you will learn about the myths of grief, and that grief is a natural and normal response to any kind of loss. I will be here to guide you through the process of healing,
Elisa Marquis

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