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Are You feeling Stuck; don't know what to do?

Updated: Feb 21

How many times during your life have you felt stuck? Where your emotions are like a tornado; turning things upside down, spiraling inside you.

I've heard these questions quite often: Am I going crazy? Would I always feel this way? Is it ok for me to feel happy again?

If you have suffered through a loss; you may feel devastated, unable to move from that place of darkness, to a place where you can enjoy peace, having the ability to feel joy and remember those fond memories you experienced in the past. Living in emotional pain can be draining and exhausting.

Moving away from pain and grief is not something that we learn in school, or something that is discussed in our society. In many families; the pattern is repeated through generations where we share, react, say what we have learned in the past, from what is considered acceptable in the world we live.

No, you are not going crazy and you will not feel this way forever. There is hope.

You are not alone in this journey. A first step in the correct direction is to validate your feelings, recognizing where you are emotionally. Then taking action will require reviewing what you have learned, what tools you have used to cope, what has worked, and what has not worked.

I will teach you the right tools so you can move forward, away from the emotional pain, for you to live a better life.

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