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Benefits of Tapping when the body is Stressed

Feeling better after a Tapping/EFT Session
Tapping reduces the levels of stress/anxiety/symptoms of PTSD/insomnia/pain.

Stress on your body can trigger the body's normal response to the fight or flight response. When chronic stress is affecting the body, it can have negative effects on your digestive, cardiovascular and inmune systems.

Stress can affect the way you feel, react towards situations, events, taking care of yourself and caring for others, between other things.

There is a relative amount of stress that helps you stay focus, and is manageable. Knowing that there are tools to manage the levels of stress before they become hard to bear, is very important; as it affects you and those around you. Tapping/EFT is a therapeutic method to lower the levels of stress, anxiety, symptoms of PTSD, and more.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a technique that provides a unique way to relieve emotional distress and soothing pain, bringing them to the front of your mind, being aware of them, accepting them, and then letting them go. It’s also know as Tapping or Psychological Acupressure.

Tapping sessions with Elisa Marquis as your Master Practitioner are customized according to your needs, are confidential, and facilitated in a safe environment.

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