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The Grief Recovery Method Guide For Loss
Elisa Marquis
Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® Certified by the Grief Recovery Institute®.
Certified Life Coach | Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping MP | Speaker

Change Starts


Taking Action

For all of you struggling with unresolved grief issues, we know that the actions outlined in the Grief Recovery Program will lead you to the completion of the pain caused by loss.
When do I begin to recover?
1. If you fall down, gashed your leg and blood was pouring out, would you immediately seek medical attention?
The obvious answer is Yes.
2. If circumstances and events conspired to break your heart, would you seek attention immediately, or would you allow yourself to bleed to death emotionally?
Pick one!

Thanks for allowing me to be here for You, as you learn how it is possible to recover from your losses.

 It is time to heal.


Our Mission is to deliver grief recovery assistance to the largest number of people in the shortest period of time.